Hey, hope you liked part 1.

Here’s part 2, now things get a bit more serious.

Oh, all the photos featured here (both part 1 &2) as samples/examples are unedited raw iPhone photos. No filters. The photo of the iPhone on red leather (the first image on this page) was taken with a DSLR, and not an iPhone.

5. Panoramarama

Using the panorama stitch mode is one great feature that your DLSR could never do.  (Slide the photo mode screen a couple of times to get to the panorama mode.) Plus, when done well, it looks really great. Try to take panoramas whenever you can, but once you start taking panoramas, you’ll find that they usually look about the same. A good rule of thumb would be to see if there is anything that is worth leading the eyes horizontally across the photo. Like detail, curvature, change of color, vastness.. or at least something worth panning for.


Photo Mar 22, 4 46 46 PM-pano Photo Apr 30, 4 00 56 PM-panorama

6. Use Distortion

The iPhone lens has a fairly safe, all-purpose, mid-range, focal length. However, at the very edges, there is a slight distortion reminiscent of a wide-angle lens. Try using that fact to your advantage, and you can make your things feel larger than they really are, or you get some nice lines for framing the subject.

Photo Jan 18, 11 48 46 AM

Photo Apr 30, 2 36 17 PM-dist

and last, but not least..

7. Play With Contrast

This is a simple photo tip, and it looks great. It’s hard to come by, but when it does, make sure you use it well.

Photo Oct 11, 8 57 19 PM-contrast


Another thing you can do with contrast is setting the AE lock. (Auto-Exposure lock means you fix the exposure settings to your preference.) What this does is the phone will take the whole shot as if the one spot you chose is the light reference. This is especially great when you take photos of the sky, or any difficultly lit place.

How do you do it? Well, it’s just the same as focus normally; you tap. For even more control, you can tap and hold and the focus box will say “AE-lock” and you’re good to go. Just frame your photo and shoot. Tapping anywhere else will pull you out of the locked mode.

Photo Oct 12, 6 08 52 PM


There are more ideas and tips to come (tips that need their own post), and I’ll share them here soon!