There used to be a Chevrolet dealer on my way to work.

Every morning (almost every morning, I haven’t seen them in a while) the employees wear white gloves, come out to the sidewalk, and hold a large banner to promote the Spark.

(I wish I had a photo of them but I was driving.)

Yeah, this car:


So they were waving their hands at all the people passing by. Now, the dealer was right next to a bus stop and a crosswalk, so there were plenty of people passing by in the morning.


My question for this phenomenon is: What are you trying to achieve?

Look, people who are driving… already have a car. If they need a new Spark, they would have to think about giving up their car before they just drop in early in the morning on the way to work to buy the Spark.

People on the bus… are taking the bus for a reason. Whether it’s they can’t be bothered to drive, they don’t have a car, or they can’t drive. Chances are slim for anyone to just get off the bus and say, “screw this, I’m driving, NOW.”


Still perplexing.


(The photos in this post were not taken by me.)