You know how when you lose something you check if it’s there, and then you go back and check again?

George Carlin had a bit on this.

I lost my external hard drive a couple months ago (that’s how long this draft took). It was a very very important hard drive. I always kept it in my backpack, in the same pocket, the “secret” compartment behind the frontside. One day, it was gone.

Panic ensued.

As is with anyone losing stuff, I checked “everywhere.” My desk, every compartment in my backpack, under the mountain of papers I had everywhere in my personal work area.

Two hours later, after looking four times in the compartment where it was supposed to be, I found it. Right where it was supposed to be. At the bottom.

Reminded me of George Carlin. haha


This post is supposed to be really old, but I’m just finishing it now, a couple of months later.