I just sold about 300 CDs today. They weren’t new, they have tagged along through my life from my teenaged years. I think who I am now was defined by the music I listened to as a teen. Starting with hard rock, it went through thrash, alternative rock, nu-metal, and modern rock. I grew up with songs like Alive, Welcome to the Jungle, and Black Hole Sun. The little tidbits of insight rock lyrics had were the lessons that dictated my approach to the world I would later grow into.

Whatsoever I’ve feared has come to life
And whatsoever I’ve fought off became my life
from Fell On Black Days by Soundgarden

Later, when I had Marilyn Manson, Korn, and Machine Head on my Walkman (yeah man, cassette tapes!) the groove, beat and texture of the sound became the reason I turned up the volume. The Reflecting God, Clown, and Ten Ton Hammer were some of the songs that helped me get through dealing with confusion, failure, and unfamiliarity. I later bought them all on CD.

Let’s jump upon the sharp swords And cut away our smiles
Without the threat of death There’s no reason to live at all
from The Reflecting God by Marilyn Manson

One thing I realized after growing up was that those lyrics were written by adults, from their hearts, with real emotions. The more I live and age, the more I understand them, and they gain more meaning.

Have you thought about the fact that no two people’s CD collections are identical? 

Think about it. No one has identical CD collections. Unless… Maybe if they really liked one single band and they bought only the major label releases, and bought nothing else. Ever. Except for maybe that case, no two people’s music collections are identical. Whether it’s CD collections or mp3 files. That’s something interesting to think about.


So I sold my whole collection. It ranged from PM Dawn, MC Hammer, Dr Dre, and Chingy to White Zombie, Fear Factory, Slipknot, and AC/DC with some Korean rock/metal like Novasonic, Pia, Sinawe and Crash. (You should really check out those Korean bands.) I threw everything in the trunk and went over to a used record (LP/CD) shop.

The employee there was really nice, and we had a short conversation about music, and how we really like rock music. The store had Muse (this song) playing in the background, and since I didn’t know much about their music, I had SoundHound go fetch the title for me. He was surprised I didn’t listen to Muse, but well… after listening to their other songs on YouTube, they’re not too much my style. ha.

So yeah, we talked about rock and metal, and…

You know how there are things you care about so much that when you have to part with it, it’s like the end of Toy Story 3? You would rather see it go to someone who would actually value it?

4972 Seeing my CDs being resold after being bought for a couple cents apiece was just too sad, you know? So I took out the ones that were absolutely priceless. Like… a signed Crash CD, signed Pia CD,  an imported original White Zombie CD. The one in Korea was.. err.. censored with a bikini. So I actually had someone get it from the US. A Micheal Jackson 25th anniversary edition, and some other CDs.

I got about $200 in the end, and I hope the CDs I gave the shop employee guy get played, displayed, or at least listened to a couple of times.

I started the draft for this post about three months ago, and finished it just now. My music consumption habit has now changed due to living in a country where Apple Music is a legal service. (It was blocked in Korea for copyright law goobly goob, and unless you went through a bunch of hoops, iTunes services were basically out of reach.)

But yeah.. just wanted to share the story at the CD/LP store.