I used to be a very hardcore Evernote user.

Like everyone who loves Evernote, I used to dump my brains out or broadcast my classes or ideas onto Evernote.

However, recently Evernote changed their pricing scheme to limit the number of devices to just TWO. That’s when I decided to leave Evernote and give Apple Notes a chance.


I was fine with the data cap, because I only type, but limiting it to just two devices is the problem. I use multiple devices. Recently, it has been whittled down to just three, my Macbook, iPhone, and iPad. That’s one too many.

So now I have to cope with a new note-taking system. 

That’s why I had to look for other apps.


I’ve looked into pretty much a bunch of apps, and I even have notability (which is pretty expensive but great) but after looking into it for a while, I just went with Apple Notes.

Let’s see what Apple Notes can do..

  • Sync on more than two devices (duh)
  • Sync REALLY fast/well
  • Use split-screen on my iPad.
  • Save the occasional photo
  • Allow a bit of formatting
  • Put notes into folders

I know that’s not much, but that’s all I need. Really strange that not many apps do that.

Plus, it’s free with EVERY Apple product. That’s a good deal.