Modern Pony

A Randomly Generated Band Name

Well that took longer than I expected.

I went through a random word generator and tried to find a pairing that would sound okay as a band name.

I decided on Modern Pony.

So now, the project has become:

  • Express either “modern” or “pony” (better if both?)
  • Express ROCK.

Some doodling ensued.

I went with showing pony, and a slightly fusion rock feel?

It looks a bit graffiti-styled, haha

A long time ago, I was into graffiti art, and did a couple of murals, so I guess that’s what I ended up with.


For vector illustrations, I use Affinity Designer.

It’s a great alternative to Illustrator. For some reason, although I’ve used Photoshop since ver. 3.0 (not CS3, actual v3.0), I’ve never enjoyed using Illustrator, haha.

So I decided to do my vector illustrations with Affinity Designer. I like it.


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