Staple Jello to a Tree

What? Jello is awesome. Stapling is hard, yes.

I ended up with both green jelly and warrant.


I looked up random sentences to find an album name.

I saw “staple a jello to a tree” and I just laughed out loud. So here we are.

So I started to look through Jello images, and found one that I liked.

It pops, it’s shot professionally, and it’s really clean.

(It’s from this page, but I’m not sure it it’s their photo or not, since it’s a recipe site.


That makes it easy to use, and I can use it in any size. The album title was written in Nexa Light because I wanted a light, geometric typeface to contrast with the Jello (slab serif typeface) and logo (script typeface).

I wonder what songs they would have in the album.

I think, with the logo, it’s slightly heavy (in terms of music) but the album cover feels like it is sharp. I don’t know what it should sound like.. but here are some things that popped in my head while making this.

Still not sure why, but it felt like a mash-up of those two songs. haha

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