A Logo For Very Buff Men's Clothing

I should work out more. haha

For men’s clothing, there are lots of directions that it can go. Way less directions than women’s clothing, but still a couple of directions.

Like, formal… casual… and… what else is there? Ummm.. yeah..

So while searching for a random word, I found “bench,” and it sounded pretty buff. Of course, I could have gone with the long chairs, but bench pressing is something I have only done a handful of times in my whole life, but know well-built guys do all the time. haha

So anyways, I decided to add the bench press to the logo. I like the result. Especially considering the fact that this is a daily thing.

The T-shirt mock-up is from GraphicBurger.

For vector illustrations, I use Affinity Designer.

It’s a great alternative to Illustrator. For some reason,¬†although I’ve used Photoshop since ver. 3.0 (not CS3, actual v3.0), I’ve never enjoyed using Illustrator, haha.

So I decided to do my vector illustrations with Affinity Designer. I like it.


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