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So now I love Google Drawings.

This website is a mockup made with just Google Drawings.

I didn’t know it was this awesome.

Yeah, yeah, Google tech is awesome. We all know that, but really… the┬ásimplicity and depth you can get in making a mockup of a website.. it’s really useful.

See, when I make websites, if there is no proper design proposition / sketchboard agreed upon, then the process can get dragged out forever. An endless battle of “can we change…?” and “here, it’s changed..” going back and forth… for… weeks.

Of course, Photoshop is the standard for making these templates, but I decided for it to be easily shared, and easy to comment on, Google drawings is the best way to go.


Another great feature is that I can use Google fonts, which means the websites will really look the same as they were composed. Pretty neat feature.

Everything was done with Google Drawings, which is a great way of collaborating with the client.

I found the software really useful, and I think I’ll be using this method to keep design ideas within feasible reach.

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