Yes, there are easy ways to make child themes, and some people argue that you don’t even need one.

However, even the naysayers (for the record, I’m in “always use a child theme” group) won’t deny that you need a child theme if you need to modify some theme files.

Also, if you’re going to add some functions, then it’s a must.

So, here’s a simple child theme…

no wait, a FREE DIVI CHILD THEME for you

that allows the Divi builder on ALL post types.

Yup, all custom post types, including Woocommerce products.

– Replaced the header to update for Divi 3.3.1 (It’s been a while since the header file has changed. Nice)

– added the main.css last in the cascade order (so better priority)

– added admin styles





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Photo by Ryan on Unsplash