About AI

What is this website for? Why am I using up valuable storage resources (and my money) to host this site, when it could be used to help … other more important things?

This website is a place where I can dump my ideas, thoughts, and “creative” works.

OK, the name?

I was “brainstorming” on what to name the website and looking at my bookshelves, and saw The Origin of Species. So I pulled it out and turned to page… dozen squared because, why not?


On the top of the page were the words “almost inevitable.” That had a nice ring to it, so I just bought the domain. I thought almost every domain possible was already registered, but luckily, I guess not. ha.

Yeah, so what will be featured?

I’m interested in a lot of things.

Sketching, drawing, painting, plastic models, story-telling, typography, photography, electronics, music, and design.

So this site will have stuff on all of that. It won’t be very focused if I post on everything, plus I don’t have the brainpower to post on all the subjects, but I’ll probably try to get some things done. Hopefully.


If you are interested in hiring me for your new project, click here to see what I can do for you.