About the tutorials:
Almost Inevitable

Hello my name is PK.

Hi, yeah, that's me in the photo there. My name is PK, and I make websites.

OK, so I'm a frontend web developer with UI/UX design experience and training which helps me deliver high-end websites on any major platform. I've worked with various clients in my past work including other digital agencies, national corporations, filmmakers, political figures, retail, and property developers.

I've also been invited to speak at numerous summits and meetups, and I usually end up speaking about CSS, making client-friendly websites, and web design.

Additionally, for the past eight-ish years, I have been publishing WordPress tutorials and courses for designers and developers of all skill levels. With a background in teaching, performance, and science, my stuff is practical, and (hopefully) entertaining to learn from.

I help thousands of people find their potential in web design and development.

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