About Almost Inevitable Design

Hi, welcome to Almost Inevitable Design. My name is still PK, and I make tutorials for WordPress designers and developers.

I guess to start off, a little bit about me?


Well, I currently live in Australia (Sunshine Coast, QLD, to be exact) with my family, and I have about

WordPress every day for a decade

I’ve used WordPress since version 2.xx, so.. over a decade now I think. I’ve also used Elegant Themes for almost the same period. I’ve used hundreds of themes, but I’ve always kept an ET sub.

Here’s the thing, I work at a brand/design/creative agency. So it’s not just web design, we do brochures, business cards, banner meshes, automobile decals, and pretty much everything else that’s involved in a brand. That’s actually a very important distinction.

Of course there are pros and cons, but I think that

The digital side and graphic/print side need to communicate and learn from each other.

But because we learn from each other, the results put us above and beyond the norm.

So where does this website come in? This “Almost Inevitable” umbrella is the brand I use for my hobby/freelance work.

I like helping others, and I also like teaching/explaining things. I used to be a lecturer for about 8 years (including the time I was still in college) as well, so I’m comfortable with public speaking too.

All things considered, I decided to make my website into a WordPress web design magazine and learning source.

Now, the direction and level of tutorials, articles and (future) courses I am aiming for is like this:

  • Heavy focus on design. Not just web design, but how graphic design ideas can be part of the web design process.
  • Major focus on web design practices. Tips that raise efficiency, and results in better builds.
  • Major focus on going beyond what the theme offers out of the box.


There are no ads on my website.
I hate ads, I use adblock.
So I don’t post ads.

However, a lot of time and effort do go into writing posts and maintaining the website, so I decided that I shall try to monetize the website by offering content worth paying for. You can check out my stuff here.

If you have any requests for tutorials, child themes, or projects, get in touch here, or email me **@al**************.com.

Thanks for dropping by, and I’ll see you in the comments.


Happy Pride Month!

Happy Pride Month!

Pretty simple really.

Happy pride month to everyone who celebrates it!

I've been seeing a lot of nasty comments on social media recently, so I wanted to add some extra pixels that lean towards love, empathy, and inclusivity to help balance it out.