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Hi, I'm a front-end WordPress developer, and UI/UX designer living in Australia, and I made this website to share thoughts and tips about web design and everything related to it. If you want to work with me come check out my web development agency.

WP – SVG problems with WP 5

Oh man, WordPress 5.0 is becoming more of a problem than I thought. So, something that I’ve noticed is that SVG files are not uploading. UGH. I use a lot of SVG files. Yeah, there’s a security risk, which happens…

WP 5 + Divi 3.18

Hi! I’m writing this in Gutenberg. Woah.  Is it good? We’ll see.  I’m not on Divi 3.18 though, this is Extra 2.17 (which is the equivalent, since Extra is a version number behind) It feels surreal though. Normally I write…

Opinion – Skill Level Bar Graphs

Tell me if you’ve seen something like this before: Now… Please tell me what the missing 10% on the WordPress bar means… Does it mean this person can only finish up to 90% of all WordPress projects? or knows 90%…