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Divi Tutorial – Center Align Multiple Buttons

This one is a really useful tip that I think you’re gonna like. Aligning buttons with flexbox!

Divi Tutorial – YouTube Video Background Hero Section

So.. this one was requested, and looks to be useful for some websites that would benefit from using video in the background. First, this tutorial is focused on adding a video background to the full-width hero section. If you want to try out other settings, then definitely have a play with these resources! We need […]

Divi Tutorial – Change the Hamburger Icon

Learn how to change the mobile menu icon. It’s actually pretty easy.

Divi Tutorial – Gradient Text

Adding a gradient to text in Divi Builder. Even animated gradients with some CSS.

Divi Tutorial – Every Layout as a Shortcode

Hey guys, this one is pretty awesome. It’s module-ception.

Divi Tutorial – Disabling Footer on Front Page

How do I hide the footer ONLY on the front page?

Divi Tutorial – Custom Footer

Footers are usually just made with widgets, and they do okay with what they have. Not the best layout, but still functional. What we’re going to do today is add a custom layout into the footer, and make it so it’s easily updatable, and will not break from Divi updates. Important. You will need a […]

Divi Tip – A Sliver of White

Here’s how to make a beautiful 2 image full-width row.

A Free Divi Child Theme

Here’s a free Divi child theme you might enjoy.