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Interview with Louis about Breakdance

This is a super special treat! I had the chance to interview Louis, the CEO of Breakdance, and ask him about all kinds of things concerning the Breakdance builder.  Get Breakdance So that’s all great, and you want to get a copy for yourself? Please consider using my affiliate link, which costs no extra to […]

Stop using Godaddy. Here’s why.

GoDaddy and their shady “marketing” tactics I had been holding on to a domain that I thought would be useful in the future. It’s a mid-length story, but to keep it short, it was a domain that my wife and I had the intention of using for a creative agency with her as the main […]

A Divi 4 Review + updates

Oh boy, here’s a Divi 4.0.2 review. I do say ‘quick’ but it’s quite comprehensive. Here are the things I’ve seen that are good, and bad, with some tips.

CSS – When should you use !important?

How does !important work in CSS? Should you use it? If so, when? If not, why not?

Divi – Solutions to the most common responsive problems

After years of making highly responsive Divi websites, here’s a rundown of my solutions to the most common responsiveness questions concerning Divi I’ve seen on the web. (Web meaning Facebook groups.) Buckle up, this one’s (long and) comprehensive This post isn’t a single “tutorial” per se, but more like a summary of everything you need, […]

Marx Creative on the Divi showcase Feb 2019!

If you didn’t know, I work at a design agency in south east QLD (Australia) called Marx Creative that does really great design. I’m the lead web developer (digital designer by title since I do other digital stuff too, like video editing) at Marx Creative. I develop most of the websites we design, and the […]

WP – Opinion (sort of) – Do you need a child theme?

The “debate” that should have ended, but for some reason just won’t end.

Opinion – Re: Moving away from Divi?

So, there are a lot of people criticizing Divi for leaving behind a bunch of shortcodes. Wait, let me correct that. There are a lot of people on Elementor’s payroll that criticize Divi for leaving behind a bunch of shortcodes. (The loudest of the complainers) basically, there are a lot of people that criticize Divi […]

Opinion – Skill Level Bar Graphs

Tell me if you’ve seen something like this before: Now… Please tell me what the missing 10% on the WordPress bar means… Does it mean this person can only finish up to 90% of all WordPress projects? or knows 90% of all the WP functions? What does the 10% of the missing responsive design mean? […]

Opinion – WIX, WTH, WHY?

This is an editorial piece on WIX. Proceed with caution, or glee, depending on why you would want to read this.

[Opinion] What about IE?

There’s a debate on whether IE should be supported or not. When a Wordpress site is built, should it also be tested on IE? A surprising number of people say “no.” Really?

Web Design – Do you need proof? (pt. 1)

Do you need a proof? Short answer: Yes.