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Quick Intro to CSS variables

CSS custom properties can be set and used as variables. Let’s learn the basics of CSS variables, and how cool they can be. They look like this: And when you need to use that dark green anywhere on the site, you use the custom property inside a var() as a variable like this: It works […]

Responsive Web Typography Crash Course

Here’s the quickest way to make your web typography responsive… without using any media queries! WHAT?!?

Getting the anchor links to align properly

I’ve seen many people ask about how to make anchor links align properly at the top of the screen, right under the header. A lot of the times, the problem is that the anchored section sits under the header. This causes problems because that’s the not content that was intended to show when scrolled to. […]

Learn WordPress CSS in under an hour

This is the quickest way to learn CSS. In 45 minutes, learn enough CSS to know what you’re doing.

CSS – When should you use !important?

How does !important work in CSS? Should you use it? If so, when? If not, why not?

Divi Tutorial – animating button backgrounds

Let’s learn how to make some cool CSS based button animations. This one’s relatively easy. Let’s start with the video:   This is a gradient button This is a gradient button This is a gradient button This is a gradient button   The trick is giving the background a gradient, make it larger than double […]

WP Tutorial – Styling Various Contact Form Plugins

Here’s a simple rundown of styling most/all contact form plugins, and tips on making them look great.

CSS – Centering Text with Loose Tracking

Hey, have you noticed that when the text has very wide tracking, it’s not centered? Learn to fix that with CSS.

WP tip – Forcing a CSS stylesheet refresh

You can’t make everyone use the incognito browser to confirm that it’s been changed.

WP Tip – Use dropbox during development

Use Dropbox for your stylesheets during development. It’s pretty cool.

[Opinion] What about IE?

There’s a debate on whether IE should be supported or not. When a Wordpress site is built, should it also be tested on IE? A surprising number of people say “no.” Really?

Divi Tutorial – Control Mobile Stacking

I don’t know about you, but for me, mobile responsiveness is important. Like, really important. This means: no more meaningless full-width module stacking, and start stack modules only when needed!

Happy Pride Month!

Happy Pride Month!

Pretty simple really.

Happy pride month to everyone who celebrates it!

I've been seeing a lot of nasty comments on social media recently, so I wanted to add some extra pixels that lean towards love, empathy, and inclusivity to help balance it out.