Footers are usually just made with widgets, and they do okay with what they have. Not the best layout, but still functional.

What we’re going to do today is add a custom layout into the footer, and make it so it’s easily updatable, and will not break from Divi updates.

Important. You will need a child theme for this to stay working even through updates.
Click here for a free Divi child theme.


Use the builder on a regular page and design to your content.

Save it as a global item once you’re done.


Each library item has its own unique id. We will need that to call the global item in the footer.

Check the image below.


Now we’re going to add the global item to the footer via shortcode.

Note: If we just add the shortcode as is, it won’t do anything in a php file.

We need to put it inside a php tag.

like this:

<?php echo do_shortcode(' '); ?>

Here’s what the footer.php file looks like.

So in the image above, you’ll see the footer code we’re going to take out.
And the image below is with the new shortcode added in.

Here’s the full footer.php file.



Line 10: Of course, the 56 should be the id number of your global item.

Or you can just copy line 10 and insert it in your own footer file.

Note: In the video, the module is 66, this is because they are different items. Your id number will most likely be different as well.


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Photo by Hunter Johnson on Unsplash