Hey guys, now this one is pretty awesome.

As usual, I was browsing Divi groups, and looking around and stumbled across this gem.

So, remember how we injected a custom footer?

Well, this is about the same level of coolness, but it applies to everything. Wow.

It’s like.. module-ception. Modules inside modules.

First things first. You will need a child theme for this to stay working even through updates.
Click here for a free Divi child theme.

Got your child theme installed? Coolio.

Now, go to Appearance > Editor and click on function.php

Then, add this code:



If you don’t know where it goes in the functions.php, then just make sure you put it in the bottom without disturbing any previous code.

Divi Tutorial - Every Layout as a Shortcode

So now that that’s in there, let’s go check the Divi library.

Divi Tutorial - Every Layout as a Shortcode

Yup. All there. Cool beans. Now you see shortcodes in the last column. That’s how we’re gonna inject layouts within layouts.

Let’s take a section.
Divi Tutorial - Every Layout as a Shortcode

It really doesn’t matter what the section is. As long as it works, right?

It can be a slider, call to action, testimonials, anything!

We take the shortcode of that particular layout/section/row/module. (in this case the one with 202)

and put it in.. somewhere. In this case, a slider.

Divi Tutorial - Every Layout as a Shortcode

We will soon end up with a testimonial slider (just a regular slider with testimonials) inside a full-width slider.

… and publish I guess?

Divi Tutorial - Every Layout as a Shortcode

Yup. Works.

How can you use this idea? Well, besides the obvious “it’s up to you,”

I think one really awesome thing you could try is adding complex layouts inside sliders.
That’ll beef up your sliders. (an area where default Divi lacks in functionality)

Give all that a whirl, and let me know what you’ve come up with!



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Code credit: SJ James – Moderator guy on Facebook’s Divi Theme | Extra Theme Help & ShareGroup

Photo by Mr Cup / Fabien Barral on Unsplash