This episode is about using premade layouts, templates, and demo content. Are they worth your time? Yes and no. What? Tune in for an “exciting” episode on when demo content is useful, how it can serve you, and when not to use them. (Hint: It might not be what you think)


Side note: Did you know that Audacity doesn’t work on MacOS Catalina yet? I was so confused when I tried to start recording. I ended up using my iPad and the TW Recorder app (which I’ve used for years and really like) and I like that setup even more. I might just stick with that.


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Adobe Fresco!

If you’ve heard the podcast, you’ll probably know why this link is here:

Too old?

Someone’s gonna get even more suuuuuuuuuued!



Sketching templates

Color terminology

Excel to HTML

The title



Photo of store demo fashion content by Victor Xok on Unsplash