This episode talks about providing a design proof (or mockup) for the client. It’s probably the most important step in the web creation process, but it’s unfortunate that it gets overlooked quite often. This causes way more problems than you’d think. Tune in for some insights and tips about creating web design proofs for the client!

Some things to consider when building a proof.

For the client
– Stick with branding and personality
– Inspirations
– Layout first and slowly fill up with text and images

For yourself
– make them easily exportable
– make things clear for you to understand
– make mental notes of where micro animations should be.

Some extra tips
– I like using proofs that are 1600px across with a grid of 12 columns for a container that is 1200px across.
– Suggested apps: Adobe XD (free), Adobe InDesign (Adobe paid subscription), Affinity Publisher (one time fee), Sketch (Yearly subscription)


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