Ep 013 – Door to Door Cannibals

How do you start getting clients? Tune in to hear one of my ideas on this topic.

This one’s about our endless quest – How to get clients? Here is a good approach to starting off your freelance work and start getting clients. We all need paying clients, and especially if you’re just starting off, it’s hard to get them.

The 5 reasons why I suggest this approach (from the podcast)…

  • Have industry-specific suggestions and ideas
  • Understand the industry enough to upsell
  • Understand the SEO & marketing ins and outs
  • Have very valuable first-hand networking
  • Have secondary and tertiary fields

I really hope this sets you of in a good direction so you can get a good start in your web design journeys. Please


News & Articles

The survey

Inspiration ideas

Adobe’s excuse

Come on guys..



Paper newspapers are still relevant..?

Get some cool color palettes


The title

Chevelle’s Door to Door Cannibals has a bit of frightening imagery, but it’s a kick ass song.


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  1. Another great podcast! This is exactly how I got into web design. Older musical mentors of mine needed websites, so to help them out I started building sites. I have two quick questions that are a little off topic: 1) would you rather people leave comments on iTunes or here directly on your site? 2) what do you think about slider plugins like slider revolution and layer slider? Pros/cons? Have you ever used them? The functionality seems pretty cool….

    • Hi Zach, thank you for the kind words. I’m happy you liked it!

      To answer your questions..
      1. I just wanted to get some ratings showing on iTunes, but any questions you got, post them here!

      2. I like slider plugins, and they’ve come a long way, so if used well, it’s pretty nifty. I have one episode planned on talking about the hero section, so I’ll be covering slider plugins.

      Hope that helps!

          • After listening to this podcast, I decided to rebuild a site I did with Wix for a best in the world jazz artist. Since it’s for a mentor and friend of mine and there’s not much of a budget, I thought I’d use uncode. I bought one theme license before discovering Divi and your tutorials, and figured I’d just boom boom click and use the wireframes and templates from the theme. What a pain in the ass! Fucking builders. Now I completely understand why starting with a proof and then not using a builder and instead using custom CSS is the way to go and the correct method. I also noticed that uncode doesn’t utilize flex box. I got to write some css in my child theme like you taught me, and it worked! Still, I decided to abort the project and just do it with Divi and custom css. Maybe I’ll use uncode just to put a temporary one page site together for me to replace the Wix site I currently have until I have time to build myself a new site. Long story short; everything you are teaching us in your tutorials is pure gold and I hope more people coming from Wix and just starting out with WordPress and we design check out your tutorials. Thank you PK!

          • Hey Zach,

            Uncode isn’t the worst theme out there, but it’s far from being the best haha. It uses an old builder (about as old as Divi) and it has a lot of stable but old CSS methods. I’m sure it’s caught up recently.. right? I’ve used it before, and I don’t hate it.. but.. I wouldn’t use it if I had a choice. haha

            Thank you for the kind words, and thank you for taking the time to listen to what I’m trying to say.

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