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Ep 014 – This is Gonna Hurt

I think the approval process is one of the worst stages ever as a designer. There are some good days, but sometimes it can be disheartening, disappointing, and demeaning. But remember, it’s not art.

Here’s the Reddit post I was talking about.
From user dreaming-underwater

It’s a bad field to go into if you:
* Have to take out student loans to pay for college
* Think you’re going to be an artist
* Are thin-skinned

Here are some approaches you can take
– Fire the client
– Try to understand what they mean, not what they’re saying
– Take this as a chance to learn a new style
– Just do it and get it over with

A quick reminder to keep you sane: Remember, taste cannot be bought.


Taylor Swift doxxing

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Definitely worth a read. SEO myths.


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The Title

Sixx AM / This is Gonna Hurt
(Formed by Nikki Sixx, the bassist from Mötley Crüe)

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