Ep 017 – Left Unfinished

This episode is about finishing up the preview build. Some things concerning the build that you will need to consider. Actual real-life stuff. Nothing inspirational.

This episode is about finishing up the preview build. Some things concerning the build that you will need to consider when building.

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Disclaimer: Please remember that I am encouraging you to learn more and become better everyday. If you’re building in what I call amateurish ways, then please consider either a. learning, or b. hiring a (front-end) developer. Bad websites come from bad builds. Bad builds come from stubborn oblivious denial and ignorance. I read other people’s code everyday, I check cool codepens and articles on front-end code literally everyday. I’m always learning. Shouldn’t we all be?

So, although this episode might sound like an attack to your builds… it’s because I want professionals to actually be a tier above amateurs. You owe it to the clients.

Things to do during the build

– Turn off all the caches
– Put all the things in place as according to your planning, and not mouse tweaking.
– Really try to stick with the templates you planned (from the proof)
– Style from the front end only
– Delete useless images and stuff while building
– Don’t rely on small adjustments. Make a system.
– Try to understand how things are put together.
– Don’t forget: It will most likely not be 100% finished, because there are a lot of small details and content that the client will have to provide or confirm. Also, there are circumstances that will be different on the live URL from the preview URL. So make a note of all these things. It will be important. -> Both you and the client needs to understand this. Tighten the screws only after migration.


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The Title

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