Ep 020 – Back in Black

Steps 8 and 9! Let's get paid! Tune in for a quick tutorial on WP migration, and getting paid.

Steps 8 and 9 : Get the balance, and provide the migration… and not the other way around. This is a really important point that gets overlooked way more than I’d like. Here are some tips that should help smooth out the payment and I ended up explaining the whole process of migrating a WordPress website in too much detail haha

Some tips.

Preempt the balance payment – A good way is to add some guidance in an email during step 7.

Make sure you have the login details.

Provide the migration.

Technical stuff: I tend to use all in one migration, or duplicator. Tune in for a quick tutorial on this.


The title

AC/DC / Back in Black (1980)


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