Ep 021 – Moth Into Flame

Woo! WooCommerce! Join me for a new WooCommerce for web designers & developers series! In this episode, the tiers of Woolusion.

Let’s start a new series!

WooCommerce for Web Designers & Developers

In this series, I will be covering a lot of things (primary, secondary, tertiary) concerning WooCommerce (and eComm in general). Tune in for fun with Woocommerce.


The topic

Many clients suffer from Woolusions.

Here are the Tier 0 Woolusions that I’ll be covering in this episode. I’ll expand/explain/remedy them in the podcast, so tune in!

– If you build it they will come.
– This shop is a great idea!
– I will market it once I’m finished.
– My friends will help with marketing with a shoutout on their social media.
– I can make money easily.


News & resources

DeGoogling yourself

Some stats on TLD response times

and… get your color!

This is my Almost Inevitable brand color


The Title

From MetallicA’s Hardwired… to self destruct (2016) album.


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