Ep 022 – 1000 Points of Hate

Extra warning: Extra strong language. Here's a story of how I recently got screwed over.

This episode has a bit more “language” than the other ones. Why?

It’s a story about how I pretty much got screwed over.

Tune in for storytime.


Have you noticed those unimaginative blurb points, bullet points, and/or lists that seem to be on every ugly website?

Here are some of my ideas for making lists that don’t suck.

– Don’t use them. At all. There are other ways of conveying information. Do that.
– Use at least a well-made icon, and not an elegantfont, or font-awesome.
– Try taking out the body copy, and just use the headings. People skim anyway.
– Don’t make them too long, because people won’t rea-


Here are some outside sources on this matter.

About bullet points and lists and blurbs

Some inspirations


News & Articles

hahahahaha about compromise.

also this

Here are some “logos” in a perfect world.

Here’s a logo study of a (highly) imperfect company.

But this isn’t bad at all.



Just some eye candy

Very useful

Also very cool, and very useful.

The title

Anthrax / Sound of White Noise (1993)

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