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Podcast, Responsiveness

Ep 024 – Re-Align

Have you heard the phrase “you have to design for mobile first?”

Yeah… I hear that a lot. Normally, I work with desktop proofs (So design mockups made to show what the desktop version looks like) and I work my way DOWN. Mobile first means I start with the mobile design, and work my way UP.

Totally opposite approach.

So I searched for tutorials and articles on designing for mobile first.

Here’s what I found.


Google: “how to design mobile first”


Also another

Google “design mobile first tutorial”

Let’s go specifically for tutorials then…


I talk about all those links and what I think about the mobile first approach.






The title

Godsmack / “Re-align” / Faceless (2003)


Just to show that I really did visit all those pages on the 1st page of SERP

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