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Podcast, WooCommerce

Ep 025 – The Thing That Should Not Be

This one’s pretty important if you’re making WooCommerce websites. How to piece together functions, how to research, and how to rework them to get the intended functionality.


Everyone like lists. This one’s an ol.

General workflow
Note: This should be done before you quote anything. haha

1. During the brief -> Make sure you cover all the little things
2. Who’s gonna populate it?
3. Products -> How are they supposed to work? How is the ordering process supposed to work? How is checkout supposed to work>
4. Cover everything.
5. Start research on YITH & WC -> conceptualize the functionality and check documentation to see how it works.


Really helpful plugin for changing character strings

Tune in for some examples and anecdotes on how to plan and structure your WooCommerce website!


The title

MetallicA / Master of Puppets (1986)

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