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Ep 028 – Pleasure and Pain

Have you had trouble motivating yourself over boring, ugly, illogical projects? I have. Quite a bit more than I’d care to admit.

Here are some ways to keep yourself.. relatively motivated even when working on those crappy projects.

– Try to implement something cool or new and make it a learning experience. (check out sites like or )
– Try some totally different design that’s out of your normal comfort zone
– Try challenging yourself to finishing the project as efficiently as possible. (at least it’ll be over quickly)

Tune in to hear me talk about working on those kinds of projects.



Have a read about how much people trust Google.

Some perspective on CSS



Some page loaders

Some cool hover effects.

When it works it’s cool

Really helpful in playing with CSS colors


The Title

Pleasure and Pain is a Gemini Syndrome song off of their 2013 album, Lux.

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