Chapter 1 Lesson 1: Setting everything up

Let’s get things set up for development.

The reason for this is because
– You need a safe development environment
– You need a child theme: We’re going to learn how to start your own, and set it up so it’s easier to develop with. We’re going to dive into the code, but don’t worry, I’ll show you how to do everything.
– You need to configure Divi so it’ll have the least number of problems: Divi is made to be great for both the frontend visual builder and backend development. Let’s just make sure it’s easy to edit via backend & text editor.

Please note: In the upcoming lessons, I mention a “quiz” a few times. I have ultimately opted to not enforce a quiz to pass. Although I would like to make sure you understand and learn everything before you go, this isn’t a “school” with a passing grade or anything, so I’ve ultimately decided to leave out the quiz aspect.



Chapter 1 Lesson 2: Syntax

So after that video, I hope this makes more sense:

#menu {
    width: 100%;
    display: block;

There’s a lot more to learn! Let’s go! Next up, the MOST important part of writing CSS, selectors!


Let’s start!