Learn WordPress CSS in under an hour

Learn WordPress CSS in under an hour

Hi there, I haven’t posted many tutorials in a long time, and I apologize. I’ve been really busy and I’ve been spending any extra time I had on my podcast which you can check out here. (Extra podcast buttons on the bottom of the post)

So… I’ve been around the block a few times concerning WordPress, and I’ve built a few websites, and I’ve helped a few people here and there.

One thing that I’ve noticed is that it is very important for anyone putting together websites (whether you identify as a designer or a developer) to understand CSS.

So here it is. A CSS crash course that will set you straight for your future web adventures.

Please note: This is basically the summary preview to my new course – CSS crash course for page builders

IF you want to learn just enough to be able to tweak things in a page builder, this course is for you.

The Crashiest CSS crash course

The video

the bullet points

Watch the video for explanations

Web languages

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • PHP
  • JS


The very very bare bones absolute basic of targeting is to know how to write selectors.

This is it
Same level – no space
Child element – space


This is way more important than many people think. It’s essentially the logic to HOW CSS works. Sadly, I’ve seen way too many people not understand this, and just think they can try to force wrong CSS and get confused when it doesn’t work.

Here’s the pecking order (from low to high)

  1. Element
  2. Class
  3. ID
  4. Inline
  5. !important


All you need is to add just ONE MORE point of specificity, and you’ll be overriding the established stylesheet.

Where to put it

– WP backend > appearance > customizer
– Your theme would most likely have a custom CSS section
– Use a plugin like this: https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-add-custom-css/

Hope that helped you get an understanding of how CSS works.

I’m sure after this presentation, you can understand CSS much better.

IF you want to learn just enough to be able to tweak things in a page builder, this course is for you.

The Crashiest CSS crash course

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  1. I really like your approach. Thanks PK.

  2. This site is a gold mine! Lot of quality content on here! Thanks PK!

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