Almost Inevitable design

Hi, I'm PK, and I like making things, like websites, designs, videos, and photos.
my portfolio

I like to keep myself busy with creative projects.

Need a shiny new website?

Hire me for your website project, and it will come out beautiful!

I’ve been making websites for over a decade, and I’m not too shabby.

I do freelance work for multiple web design firms, but this website is all for cutting out the middleman and overhead.

That’s why I can provide high-quality websites for about half the price.

This keeps everyone happy.

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I like to design things, and take great photos!

making people photogenic

I’ve always loved to take photos of people in their element. That’s when they look their best!

I like taking photos of people doing what they do.
As long as they are comfortable having me around, I can take some good photos of you and your family and friends.
Sometimes posed photos are good, but casual photos usually look much better.

If you want some great photos of your next event, let me know, and I’ll be there!

(By the way, the photo in the background is my beautiful daughter when she was four.)

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Just a blog of random things I have bouncing around in my head