My Work

Hi! I’m PK, and I’ve done a lot of freelance creative work, and I made this page in case you were interested in working on a project with me. I live on the Sunshine Coast, so I can come over to chat and plan things, or you can contact me through email ( call me (0426549087) and we can discuss details.

Considering the price quote, I provide high quality results because I have high standards, but keep everything casual and digital. Send me an email or message with some details, and I will reply with a more specific quote, but for now, you can check out the links below for a good idea of what I do, and how.


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Website Design & Construction

I’ve been making websites for about 15 years. Starting off as a hobby for my creative works, I’ve always been fascinated by the development of web technology, so I kept practicing and studying web design and web coding over a decade. Not that I’m a wizard, but I do know myself around most stuff involving websites.

WAY more details about web design and construction can be found here:






I have always enjoyed photography as a child, trying out my parents’ film camera, but I’ve gotten into it seriously since 2007. Experimenting and learning about all aspects of the wonderful world of photography.

One of my photos has been featured on national TV (they contacted me if they could use it, nice people) and it really helped me keep pursuing photography.

Featured on a Wedding Related TV Show

Not my wedding. It was a co-worker’s wedding.

In my free time, I like to take photos of things that I might need in my projects, because then I wouldn’t have to look for stock photos!


If you need photos of your parties, friends, family, children, or… stuff, let me know!

Here are some links you can check out to see how I usually take photos. (I’ll have to keep adding more links as I go on)