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Currently under redesign

Hi! I'm working on redesigning the site, but didn't want to leave it locked for too long. I think the site works properly now, so it's open, but I'll be working on redesigning things in the coming week. Thank you for your patience!

Recent tutorials

Divi Tutorial – Reorder Mobile Stacking

Here’s a simple method you can use to reorder mobile stacking. The main problem with using page builders and its settings is that you’re stuck with what the developer allows [...]
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Divi – Double columned tabs

The inspiration I got a request for this layout on the Divi page: Looks harmless, but how to recreate it in Divi??? Well, it took a bit of work and [...]
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Divi – Changing Pagination Text

The Problem Have a look at this screenshot. See anything annoying? A lot of people seem to not like how it says “older entries” and “next entries” because.. it.. can’t [...]
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