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Full CSS Course – From Beginner to Expert


New to CSS? No worries, this course bundle starts from the absolute basics, but by the end, you’ll be the best CSS-er around!


Don’t know much CSS? No worries!

This course will take you from absolutely no prior knowledge to a SASS (SCSS) superstar in record time!


Here are the courses included in this package.

Click on the images to open the course description in a new tab.


You’ll need to learn how to use the inspector.

(user sets their own price, usually free)

You’ll need to learn how to set up localhost for quicker/easier development.

(user sets their own price, usually free)

You’ll need to learn CSS!

At least enough to get you ready to code it, and understand what you’re writing.


and finally, you’re gonna learn some kick-ass SASS(SCSS)!

It’s gonna be awesome.



A basic course + A very advanced course

The free ones are there for easy access. If I say “let’s set this up on localhost”, you won’t have to go through the process of ‘purchasing’ the course again, you can just find it on your account page. That’s the only reason it’s included.


So there’s a CSS crash course.

This one will get you to a really good level of understanding and writing CSS. You’ll be able to tweak things, write some structural css, etc.

From there, we can move on to SCSS!


The SCSS course will change your life.

I’ve had a few people say that to me, so I’m sticking with it.

SCSS is a professional grade CSS ‘extension language,’ It’s basically a whole new way of writing code so it will compile and generate a CSS file for you. It has macros (called mixins), variables, nesting, extends, etc. All packaged in a fully comprehensive folder. So the thing is, the crash course is enough for you to actually start SCSS.


This is because SCSS isn’t “advanced CSS,” it’s “putting together a CSS file in a much better way.”


So. This folder. This folder is something I’ve been building myself and tweaking for YEARS. It’s something I’ve been using myself every day in a professional environment. It’s really cool, and it’s unlike anything else out there.


You’ll love it.


(The package is priced to be 10% off the total of the two courses.)


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