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Don’t know anything about CSS? Just a beginner? No worries! With this course, you will become an advanced CSS coder with 14 hours of comprehensive lessons on using CSS for Divi!

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Valid until May 21st, 2019

Is this you?

  • You are constantly bugged by little design aspects that you just can’t seem to control.
  • You are at the mercy of asking others online on how to put together elements on a webpage.
  • You are constantly looking for plugin solutions every step of the way, and usually it doesn’t exist.
  • You waste a lot of time trying to tweak and fix the layout because the builder doesn’t do what you need it to do.

If you want to save your build time, and take your web designs to the next level, this course is definitely for you.

Target Level

  • You have no idea how to write/edit CSS, but you want to, so you can make your designs come to life.
  • You can look through CSS and sort of understand what’s going on, but can’t write your own confidently.
  • You have to add !important to everything because it doesn’t always work, and now they keep hijacking each other.
  • You keep adding suggestions from everyone, and now you have a mess of CSS, and it’s not impossible to fix.

Quick hack-ey solutions won’t get you far. Once you understand proper CSS, it’s just practice from that point on, and you can really get creative.

Learn to code your own layouts properly.


01 How it works
  • 01 Child Themes and Development Setup
  • 02 CSS Syntax
  • 03 CSS Selectors
  • 04 Specificity
02 Basic Properties and Values
  • 01 Units and Values
  • 02 Boxes and Blocks
  • 03 Typography
  • 04 Spacing and Sizing
03 Advanced - Beyond the Grid
  • 01 Positioning and Z-index
  • 02 Transform
  • 03 Flex
  • 04 Pseudo Elements and Classes
  • 05 Styling SVG Files
  • 06 Media Queries
04 Using It With Divi
  • 01 The Divi HTML Structure
  • 02 Selecting the Selector
  • 03 Writing Sustainable CSS
05 Practical Building
  • 01 Starting With the Design Proof
  • 02 Building the Sections
  • 03 Styling Everything 1 - Desktop
  • 04 Styling Everything 2 - Responsive
  • 05 Conclusion and Downloads

You will learn how to…

  • Make your own custom child themes that you can install on every build.
  • Style everything. Seriously, everything.
  • Have the confidence to design web pages to your full potential.
  • Style elements with responsiveness in mind.
  • Reduce time spent experimenting.
  • And more!
Learn CSS for Divi
Learn CSS for Divi

What’s Included?

  • Over 14 hours of video explaining every little detail on how to code your own custom CSS for Divi.
  • All the HTML and CSS files used in the lessons.
  • The Adobe XD file that was used to make the design proof – You can edit it to make your own.
  • The child theme that was made in the lessons with the json file
  • A year of access, and get your questions answered and problems solved by me directly if you need help.

What about updates?

Of course there are going to be updates to Divi and WordPress, and that could sometimes mean changes to some files and some modules’ behaviors. In that case, there will be a new video added to the course for you to check. Also, new videos can sometimes be added if there are a lot of people asking similar questions.So, no worries, anything concerning updates will be added.This includes Divi updates, WordPress updates, and anything/everything else that happens to come along.

Note: HOWEVER, the course teaches how to write CSS so things don’t break. So you’ll most likely be fine. (I haven’t had an update debacle ever.. yet.)

Why so cheap?

This course is priced considering the following

  • How much time you will be saving once you learn how to style and fix styling.
  • How much time you will be saving from Googling and trying it out and Googling again if it doesn’t work.
  • How much time you will save by finding CSS solutions online and actually understanding it and be able to adapt it easily.
  • Consider how much you charge a client, and consider how much time you will be saving.

Pretty easy choice, eh?

For anyone putting together a website, and has a creative vision to fulfill, learning CSS is

Almost Inevitable

Start learning CSS for Divi

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Use coupon code "get15offwow" to get 15% off!

Valid until May 21st, 2019


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