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Learn CSS for Divi


Don’t know anything about CSS? Just a beginner? No worries! With this course, you will become an advanced CSS coder with 14 hours of comprehensive lessons on using CSS for Divi!


Hi, my name is PK, and I will teach you how to write good CSS.

Learn how to code proper CSS that integrates with Divi seamlessly.

No more design compromises

Ever had a layout that you wanted to build, but had to give up because of the page builder limitations?

Divi is most widely used as a visual builder which means, unfortunately, no matter how good the interface, it will have limitations*. Learn to overcome those limitations with style through CSS.

The Reason

Divi is a great visual builder, but that means that many users end up relying solely on the builder and not investing in learning to code.

The Struggle

Many users rely solely on the builder, which is why they sometimes run into a brick wall in terms of visual creativity.

The cost

How much do you charge per hour?
How many hours have you wasted searching for answers?
Asking others?
How much does that ultimately come down to?
Stop that. Learn.

Bring your designs to life.

Learn it properly, for Divi

Sure there are resources, tutorials, and courses all over the internet.
However, there is only ONE course that teaches you everything about CSS that you need to make it work for Divi. (This one. It’s this one.)

No more hackneyed methods that barely work, or break on updates.
No more shooting in the dark, hoping it will work.
No more trying different “methods” and seeing what sticks.


01 How it works

  • 01 Child Themes and Development Setup
  • 02 CSS Syntax
  • 03 CSS Selectors
  • 04 Specificity

02 Basic Properties and Values

  • 01 Units and Values
  • 02 Boxes and Blocks
  • 03 Typography
  • 04 Spacing and Sizing

03 Advanced – Beyond the Grid

  • 01 Positioning and Z-index
  • 02 Transform
  • 03 Flex
  • 04 Pseudo Elements and Classes
  • 05 Styling SVG Files
  • 06 Media Queries

04 Using It With Divi

  • 01 The Divi HTML Structure
  • 02 Selecting the Selector
  • 03 Writing Sustainable CSS

05 Practical Building

  • 01 Starting With the Design Proof
  • 02 Building the Sections
  • 03 Styling Everything 1 – Desktop
  • 04 Styling Everything 2 – Responsive
  • 05 Conclusion and Downloads

Learn how to…

  • Make your own custom child themes with your custom styles.
  • Style everything. Seriously, everything.
  • Have the confidence to design web pages to your full potential.
  • Style elements with responsiveness in mind.
  • Reduce time spent experimenting.
  • Stop asking, and start doing!

What’s Included?

  • Over 14 hours of video explaining every little detail on how to code your own custom CSS for Divi.
  • All the HTML and CSS files used in the lessons.
  • The Adobe XD file that was used to make the design proof – You can edit it to make your own.
  • The child theme that was made in the lessons with the json file
  • A year of access, and get your questions answered and problems solved by me directly if you need help.

What about updates?

Of course there are going to be updates to Divi and WordPress, and that could sometimes mean changes to some files and some modules’ behaviors. In that case, there will be a new video added to the course for you to check. Also, new videos can sometimes be added if there are a lot of people asking similar questions.So, no worries, anything concerning updates will be added. This includes Divi updates, WordPress updates, and anything/everything else that happens to come along.

Note: HOWEVER, this course teaches how to write CSS so things don’t break. So you’ll most likely be fine. (I haven’t had an update debacle ever.. yet.)

Awesome value!

Consider this..

  • How much time will you be saving once you learn how to style and fix styling?
  • How much time will you be saving from Googling and trying it out and Googling again if it doesn’t work?
  • How much time will you be saving by finding CSS solutions online and actually understanding it and be able to adapt it easily?
  • Consider how much you charge a client, and consider how much time you will be saving.

Pretty easy choice, eh?

Divi 4 update + ACF

If you’re already enrolled, check out the update tutorial for Divi 4 theme builder with ACF.

Learn how to make complex and dynamic layouts with ACF

The new extra tutorial is about 20 min long, and it covers how to add custom fields to a category and using them in the category archive pages. Currently it’s impossible to do this with just the theme builder, so you’ve gotta use ACF to pull the category and category description and the hero image dynamically.

For anyone building a website, and has a creative vision to fulfill,
learning CSS is…
Almost Inevitable


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