Andino's Academy of Magic

Introducing Students and Taking Bookings for Events

Andino’s Academy of Magic

Andino’s Academy of Magic

This is a website I made for Andino. (I participated as well because… I’m also a magician.)

We taught children how to perform magic, and it was a lot of fun working with them.

Anyways, back to the website!

We went with a muted yellow, and dark blue to keep the color scheme… regal.


This is the logo I made with Affinity Designer. (It’s a great alternative for Adobe Illustrator, and I like it.)

The font chosen for the logo was modern, because the logo is “modern,” but we went with a college style block serif font for the header fonts. Well, with Andino’s logo, there are a lot of fonts to cope with, but at least the system fonts are prevalent enough to keep the problem moot. (hopefully)

So! Combining everything, we settled upon this.



So going on to how the website looks on mobile.. this is how the menu works.

The menu didn’t have many items, so I went with the open pull down menu.

Of course, I like the hamburger icon, so I usually go with that.


The School Holiday Magic Workshop Page

This is the introductory page for the workshop we had.

The images on the side were supposed to move separately from the text, but a screenshot doesn’t convey how cool this is. haha


You can check it out here. 


The website was made with booking in mind. Although now that the time has passed, it impossible to book, it used to be possible to book and get online tickets for it. (Also payments)

I offer very reasonable prices!

Hire me for your next project!