We Die Young

by Alice In Chains

(Lyric Video)

I’ve always wanted to make lyric videos, and they’re sometimes really cool.

So I decided to make it and here it is.

To my favorite AiC song.

I used Futura mainly because when you compare the Stone Sour version to the original, Corey’s voice is just.. too.. round and smooth. As much as I love Slipknot and Stone Sour, Layne’s voice is pretty hard to beat.. or at least it’s hard to deliver this song any better than Layne. So none of the rounded out typefaces, but just straight up geometric sans serif.




RIP Layne.

Fonts Used

Futura (The one and only)

Futura is a GREAT geometric sans serif typeface used in a lot of logos, and it looks great in all caps, and mixed with lowercase. This has a lot of weights and styles, so it’s great to use.

Basically, one of the best fonts out there. haha

Software Used

Apple Keynote

Keynote is great for making videos like this.

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