I, honestly, didn't know what this site was for...


This is why I like to start a web project from inception.


Well.. not totally “inception” per se, but still from the beginning.

(reason being, if it’s inception, they will have no content ready yet)



This client approached me with a very specific vision in mind.

Namely, a wordpress theme, and some screenshots put together from other “benchmarked” sites.


So I HAD to work with the theme.


The theme was the worst. It’s not the client’s fault, checking whether a theme is good to work with or not and deciding on whether to purchase it or not is part of my job, but if circumvented, not much I can do.


The reason why this theme was so bad was because it’s made with widgets.

The whole main index page is made with widgets.

Just widgets.

Huge widgets.


Why is this bad? Well, because it’s harder to visualize the result while putting widgets together on the widget sidebar screen, and you are at the mercy of just the basic settings of the widgets.


So I had to find shortcodes and widgets, and then style it to fit the other widgets and keep the whole thing looking consistent.

I had to make do with widgets, right?

Page Builder with Widgets


SiteOrigin has a great page builder that uses widgets to .. build.. a page.

This means I could use the included widgets, while also be able to make my own pages using widgets and shortcodes.

Here’s a great feature

OK, this is what I’ve been wanting to do for a while,

but some clients I’ve worked with either didn’t care

(since all they needed was a domain with their stuff on it, and they didn’t need to maintain it)

or sometimes I didn’t feel like it at the time. haha


Well, now I finally got what I wanted with this client (because they were really nice, and liked how prompt I was with fixing everything)

So now as you can see, there’s a whole page in the admin section with YouTube video lectures on how to maintain and use the website.

All recorded by me, and all specific to this website.


Suffice to say, the client LOVED it.

I felt really happy about this.


If you change the browser window size, you can see how the website responds to its width.

Of course, that’s something all websites need, and it took a couple of tweaks beyond what the theme offered to get it down.

(Mainly due to the fact that I had to make up a bit of my own stuff.. because the theme was really… lacking)

Oh, I found out what the website was for later. It’s for jobs listings for elderly care.

Good on them. I really had no idea because I didn’t have any content till after two weeks.

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