Women’s clothing


This is a Full Fledged online shopping mall

This website has everything you would expect from a shopping mall.

The client had a long list of things they wanted.

  • Custom tabs
  • Custom product info
  • Size charts
  • Points/Credits and rewards
  • Coupons
  • Custom “best seller” products on each category
  • Product filters for price and color
  • Lookbook
  • A special wholesale inquiry contact form
  • Shipment tracking
  • Differentiation between the mobile menu and regular desktop menu
  • Speed & good image quality
  • Separate buttons for product variations
  • Wishlist
  • Buy now buttons
  • Social login
  • Adding customized related products
  • Bulletin boards for events, Q&A, and product reviews
  • On-site payments


All ready to sell and ship over 2,000 products. (I didn’t upload all the products though haha)

Everything except the on-site payments (due to SSL certificates and credit card company authorizations not finalized yet) have been fully integrated. So yay!

More features illustrated below.

Quick View

In the quick view, you can see the product variations, where you can choose the color from boxes.

Also, in quick view, there is no buy now button. (On the separate product pages, there are)

A small trick I was proud of

I had to make a set of tables because each product had different specifications, and one of those requirements was that some products had 1 or 3 or 5 different sizes, and some had 1 or 2 or 6 sizes. My challenge was a. the rows had to adapt to the different number of sizes (otherwise I’d have to make 5 total size charts) and b. it has to be easy for the client to input.

So here’s what I did. I made a whole bunch of clever codes that would adapt (without using PHP! woot) to the number of rows, and made a whole excel spread sheet that the client could just input numbers and values in and then copy paste it into a specific custom text field. Yay.

Here’s a great feature

Color filters, price filters, when you click on the “Open Sidebar” link.


If you change the browser window size, you can see how the website responds to its width.

In this case, I added some stuff so some items would appear, and some disappear. Woot.

What I personally take pride in:

I have a whole page of tutorials and links on how to customize, alter, set items that will be needed later on for maintenance by the client. This is something different I offer to my personal clients because sometimes WordPress can be overwhelming, and I try to make the transition of webmasters as smooth as possible.

For a clothing website

Having a size chart is always useful. So a size chart was added. The button is right under the product short description.

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