Custom Furniture


This company took a while to make up their minds

When working with a company, because they have a chain of command, and because sometimes the upper-management have different opinions/tastes from the project manager, there can be a LOT of edits.

This website was one of them.

Their idea of the website had humble beginnings, a website that introduces the company and a portfolio of their custom furniture work.

The problems started when I requested materials and text for the website.


That’s all I got from the lady who was in charge of the project.

So I asked for more materials. haha

After a very long grueling process of communication, the designs were finalized (actually with only a handful of images because they didn’t send any more).. and then we started all over again because someone in the company wanted a (close to) whole design revamp.

Also, they wanted a very subdued design, and nothing daring at all. haha

(No parallax either)

Well, in the end, we came to something everyone liked. haha


If you change the browser window size, you can see how the website responds to its width.

In this case, the menu/header wasn’t too much of importance, but how things looked on mobile, so I added a lot of extra layout modules specially for mobile.

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