Prawns & Draft Beer


Sucheol Prawns & Beer

This bar serves tempura fried king prawns with draft beer. Sounds pretty good! Unfortunately, I’m here in Australia, and the bar is in Korea, so oh well.

This website is not for regular customers, it’s a website for people interested in opening a franchised bar in their neighborhood. Pretty specific usage.

So the most important feature for this website is to have enough infographics to show the financials, and get people to open a franchise, and of course, some sweet contact forms for inquiries.

So that’s what we focused on.

Awesome looking contact forms. And a franchise map.

Oh, the menu on the side is like this website, the vertical menu will stay on the side of the screen during scrolling.

Contact Forms and Franchise Maps

The cool contact forms (although in Korean) are above, and the franchise map is right here. It’s a pretty cool plugin, and looks great after some tweaking. This is of course different from the regular google maps location features that most websites have.

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