The Eagle Has Landed

by Avatar

Lyric Video

About the Artist

Avatar is a great Swedish heavy metal band.

Check out these songs if you liked the video above:

Fonts Used

I personally really like this font (as you can see here) because it’s a great geometric caps sans serif font, with interesting ligature. There’s also two weights, so there’s enough room for mix-matching.

I needed a font to offset the rigid geometric nature of Code when the song went into the bridge. It was much more melodical, so I wanted a script font that would be legible enough even at a singing speed. So I went with a brush script with minimal adornments.

Software Used

Apple Keynote

The current version of Apple Keynote has… what I think is a bug. Before, auto builds after transitions used to work when recording the slideshow, but suddenly, it stopped working. (After the Keynote Live Online update) Hope they fix it.

Final Cut Pro X

Which is why I need FCPX to make some timing tweaks. Almost no actual video editing. Just time tweaks, adding music, and export.

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