A pioneer in Kenya


A women’s fashion shopping mall website in kenya

This website has everything you would expect from a shopping mall.

The client had a long list of things they wanted.

  • Size charts
  • Points/Credits and rewards
  • Coupons
  • Vouchers
  • Custom “best seller” products on each category
  • Product filters for price and color
  • Shipment tracking
  • Differentiation between the mobile menu and regular desktop menu
  • Speed & good image quality
  • Separate buttons for product variations
  • Wishlist
  • Buy now buttons
  • Social login
  • Adding customized related products
  • Bulletin boards for events, Q&A, and product reviews

A feature that is not commonly seen elsewhere is M-Pesa. It’s a payment system (money transfer system) that uses mobile phones, and was introduced to the world by.. I want to say.. Vodafone.. (I think I read about it while translating a Social Corporate Responsibility paper) So yeah, since this website is a Kenyan-only website, no credit cards yet (although SSL is installed), but starting with just  M-Pesa. Interesting.

Social Login

Since it’s easy to login with your smartphone via social media accounts, multiple options are offered.

Logo Design

The client didn’t have a logo, so a simple text-based logo was made.

No, it’s not just typing¬†out the name in an interesting font. haha. It was made properly in Affinity Designer (Illustrator alternative).


Oh, and the business card as well.

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