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Please try to explain what type of website you are looking for.

If you need some tips, try starting with a description of what you envision, and then think about what types of visitors you want on the website, and what they would do once they visit your website.

Here are some explanations on web design terms, and how you can come up with a good, detailed explanation for me to start with. (Opens in a new tab)

Oh, by the way, you don't have to explain EVERYTHING here, you will get to choose a bunch of functions in the subsequent steps, so just outlining the general idea is fine.

About Your Future Website


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Restaurant Website

Display Food Menu

Many different ways of showing the menu, we will talk about this in person, but I'm sure you will need this for a restaurant, right?

Restaurant Bookings

Basic booking functions can be confusing, this is a proper full-fledged restaurant booking system.

Restaurant Photography

Let me know if you need beautiful photos of your wonderful food and the ambiance.

Franchise Locations

Maps for one location is included in the website, this feature is for multiple locations on one map.

Photography/Graphic Design Portfolio

Image Portfolio

Of course, a standard photo/design portfolio would naturally include features like image sliders, lightboxes, and grids. If you have anything other special requests, please leave extra comments on the bottom of the page.

Photo Shoot Bookings

If you need a booking function for your photo schedule, click here!

Sell Photobooks

Although this is technically eCommerce, this feature is the main eCommerce function for photographers, so this option is included in the photography website form.

Business/Corporate Website

Company Portfolio

A detailed archive of your company's products


If you need a nice page with everyone's photo, (and/or separate pages for their introductions)

HR Functions

Do you need to manage employees on the website?

eCommerce Functions

This section is pretty long, and very important to elaborate if you're after a website that has any money transactions. Not all features cost extra money, some do, some don't,
some would if there's any extra code customizations, so just check what you require, and we can discuss everything in detail.


Variable Product Buttons

This allows you to have buttons/boxes for the product variations, and not the default drop down menu.

Variation Images

When the customer picks a color, for example, and when they do, the main product image changes. (This works with the above feature, but you might have to set an image for every combination, and it's time consuming, so I don't recommend using them both.)

Size Table Buttons

Adding a pop-up for each category that can display category-specific information.

Lookbook (Basic)

For some clothing stores, having a separate section that shows the latest trends is a good way to suggest how to mix and match.

Lookbook (Advanced)

This feature can display pictures (of models, or rooms) with popups connected to the products in the store.


Distance Rate Shipping

Calculate shipping costs depending on distance.

Price Conditional Shipping

Offer shipping price points depending on the amount in the cart.

Flat Rate Shipping

Flat rate shipping.

Shipment Tracking

Add the shipment number to the customer's order.

Shipping and Delivery

Add available delivery times, and/or allow customers to specify a drop off time.



Be able to email users coupons.

Points and Rewards

Be able to give users points and allow them to use those points later when purchasing.

PDF Vouchers

You can give out vouchers in PDF form.

Upsells / Extras

Product Add-ons

Be able to add a "You might also like" section to your products.

Cart Add-ons

Be able to add products to upsell on the cart page. (The suggestions can be category/product specific)

Checkout Add-ons

Be able to add products to upsell on the checkout page. (The suggestions can be category/product specific)

Buy Now Buttons

Add a separate "Buy Now" button that will send the customer directly to the checkout page.

Mix Match Products

Create a set and allow customers to specify the number of each product in the set.

Min - Max Number of Products

Specify the minimum and/or maximum number of products allowed to be ordered.

Custom Order Fields

Add extra fields for the customer to fill out for checkout.


Allow users to create and share wishlists.

Custom Tabs

Change the universal tabs placed next to "product description" and/or add specific tabs for single products.

Best Sellers

Be able show the best selling items on your website, either manually, or automatically.


Allow pre-ordering for products.


Instagram Integration

Display images with a specific hashtag on a product page.

Social Login to Purchase

Allow users to use their social accounts to login.

Currency Converter

Add a widget to show prices in different currencies. (Checkout will happen in the currency of the site, and currencies have to be pre-determined.)

Blog / Magazines

Text OrientedImage OrientedVideo Oriented

Which kind of blog/magazine are you planning on?

Various Categories

If you have content put into many different categories, you might be interested in organizing the content into categories.


Online Lessons

Upload lessons to be sold online, or for a specific groups of people.

Student Management

Student management functions, there are so many things schools might need to do, you'll have to include some comments in the bottom textfield.

Course Management

Offline course management, where class registration and other related functions are included. However, make sure you add some comments on what you need specifically in the bottom textfield.

Directory / Listings


Real estate, house sharing, and other location based directories.


Personals, buy/sell, and other user ad listings.


If you have a group that needs social connections, click here.


If you need discussions in a forum-style interface, this is the option you need.

Wedding Website

Image Gallery

Of course, you would need photos and/or videos to show the invitees.

Wedding RSVP

Of course, most wedding websites need this feature, and a wedding website would include maps, contacts, and photos, so this is basically the only feature to make sure is in there.


What type of other website are you looking for?


Upload All Content

Would you like me to upload ALL the content? (This would be in the cases of all the products, posts, or portfolio items that were planned for the website. I usually upload and set up a handful of items and then include a template for you to easily edit, but if you want me to get everything up there, then sure, click away!)

Monthly Maintenance

Would you like to have me regularly maintain the website? This means I allot some hours every month (or week) to check for updates, speed, troubleshooting, formatting, and posting. (Scheduled posting is possible, so if you have the content ready for me beforehand, I can have the content appear at specific times)

Wordpress Tutoring

Would you like learn how to maintain your own Wordpress website? Please let me know what level of computer savviness you are in the comment below, and we can go from there.

OR, are you just interested in learning Wordpress so you can tinker on your own as a hobby? Then please explain what kind of website you are after, and your computing level, and we can go from there.

Final Comments

Anything I missed?

If there's anything I missed that you are looking for, then please let me know.