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The $2.4m podcast by PK

Welcome to the podcast about everything else that surrounds the web design industry that is not discussed in the tutorials. I talk about things from pricing, web design workflow, time management, clients, and all kinds of stuff while going over recent news and events in the industry.

Ep049 – Painless

Clients are the worst person to make decisions on web design, but they are the ones who make the final call. This is a huge contradiction.

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Ep048 – Bitter Pill

I hope my listeners aren’t in the group of stubborn, condescending, disruptive people that I have a problem with.

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Ep047 – Just One Fix

It’s hard to write blog posts that could help with your SEO. Here are some ideas and suggestions that you can use to at least have some relevant content on your blog.

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Y No ads?

I don’t have any outside ads on my website because:
a. I hate ads. I always use ad-blockers, so I expect others to use them as well.
b. I have a web design job that pays for groceries, gas, and rent.
c. I currently sell courses covering stuff like learning everything about CSS for Divi, making Divi more responsive, and a course on using Contact Form 7 with Divi so if you feel this would help your development, please consider purchasing, and supporting future development of this website. I will continue making more courses, so stay tuned!

So, yeah, this site is free of ads.

However, since I try my best to provide informative, useful posts, which usually takes a very long time to get done, I wouldn’t be opposed to you buying me a beer, coffee, or sandwich via Paypal. Thanks!