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How to add (almost) any codepen to your WordPress website

How do I take a codepen and use it on my site? This tutorial is for beginners so they will know what to do when adapting the pen.

WP – Add a year + copyright shortcode

Here’s quick tutorial on how to add an automatically updating “year + copyright” text in your footer.. or anywhere on your site.

A Divi 4 Review + updates

Oh boy, here’s a Divi 4.0.2 review. I do say ‘quick’ but it’s quite comprehensive. Here are the things I’ve seen that are good, and bad, with some tips.

Divi – Mobile menu – X – on open

Learn to change the Divi mobile menu icon open-state with this simple CSS snippet.

Divi – Adding a section to the slide in menu

Here’s a pretty simple way to add a custom section to the slide in menu.

Divi – How to add a small design element to the header

The little yellow triangle in the header of this website. Learn how to do that, and a bit more.

Divi – Solutions to the most common responsive problems

After years of making highly responsive Divi websites, here’s a rundown of my solutions to the most common responsiveness questions concerning Divi I’ve seen on the web. (Web meaning Facebook groups.) Buckle up, this one’s (long and) comprehensive This post isn’t a single “tutorial” per se, but more like a summary of everything you need, […]

Divi Tutorial – Reorder Mobile Stacking

Here’s a simple method you can use to reorder mobile stacking. The main problem with using page builders and its settings is that you’re stuck with what the developer allows you to do. Divi in this case, is quite limited in its responsiveness, which is why I made a whole course on how to make […]

Divi – Header with both a nav menu & hamburger

The Preview I saw a question posted on Facebook asking how to make the header on this site with Divi. It’s a header with an extra navigation menu in the center, with the hamburger on the side. It looks like a great layout for having an extra menu that doesn’t have to be shown so […]

Divi – Double columned tabs

The inspiration I got a request for this layout on the Divi page: Looks harmless, but how to recreate it in Divi??? Well, it took a bit of work and some restructuring, but it works out pretty well with just CSS. (Because the Divi tabs already have jquery working for them) Check out the preview […]

Divi – Changing Pagination Text

The Problem Have a look at this screenshot. See anything annoying? A lot of people seem to not like how it says “older entries” and “next entries” because.. it.. can’t be changed easily. (ET should really look into that) So how do we fix this in an easy non-destructive way? Note: The reason I say […]

Divi – Elegant Theme’s layout showcase hover

The Preview / Inspiration Hey guys, so Elegant Themes recently redesigned their website. I quite liked it. One thing really caught my eye. This part: It looks really nice, but the best part is when your mouse hovers over it. That looks pretty good! On mobile we get a 2 column layout. So now I […]

Happy Pride Month!

Happy Pride Month!

Pretty simple really.

Happy pride month to everyone who celebrates it!

I've been seeing a lot of nasty comments on social media recently, so I wanted to add some extra pixels that lean towards love, empathy, and inclusivity to help balance it out.