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Breakdance 2 vs. Divi 4

In this post/review, we’re going to have a look at how Breakdance 2 fares against Divi 4 (and partly 5). To be fair, at this point in time, Divi is…
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Breakdance 2 for Agencies

Just to quickly preface this video, this “review” is highly specific in that it’s from a digital design agency perspective. I currently run a digital design agency, and have worked…
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First Look at Breakdance v2.0

OK, technically, it’s not a “first” first look. I’ve had to install it, and start running it to be able to make this video, but it’s more of a highlight…
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Using More Dynamic Components

Making your templates, layouts, and sections more dynamic is a very useful step in making smarter websites. It’s easier to change things, it’s less work overall, and it’s easier to…
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