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A Divi 4 Review + updates

A Divi 4 Review + updates

Oh boy, here’s a Divi 4.0.2 review. I do say ‘quick’ but it’s quite comprehensive. Here are the things I’ve seen that are good, and bad, with some tips.

Divi Tutorial – Control Mobile Stacking

Divi Tutorial – Control Mobile Stacking

I don’t know about you, but for me, mobile responsiveness is important. Like, really important. This means: no more meaningless full-width module stacking, and start stack modules only when needed!

Course – Learn CSS for Divi

Don’t know anything about CSS? Just a beginner? No worries! With this online course, you will become an advanced CSS coder with 14 hours of comprehensive videos on using CSS for Divi!

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Ep 018 – Zero

Plugins, how many is too many? Tune in to learn about WP, how plugins work, and why the plugin number game is not important.

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Ep 017 – Left Unfinished

This episode is about finishing up the preview build. Some things concerning the build that you will need to consider. Actual real-life stuff. Nothing inspirational.

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