Interview with Louis about Breakdance

Interview with Louis about Breakdance

This is a super special treat! I had the chance to interview Louis, the CEO of Breakdance, and ask him about all kinds of things concerning the Breakdance builder. 

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Here are the questions and chapters with timestamps 

0:05 Video Intro
1:05 Introduction to Louis
1:50 The Past: Quick review of Breakdance
2:15 What was the main approach to choosing what elements to include in Breakdance?
3:45 What’s the main criteria in deciding which elements get built? 
6:15 flip boxes
7:25 The Present: Understanding UI
8:55 Do you have any UI tweaks that you think will make Breakdance better?
10:55 Easy to add classes now
11:35 Property panel/shortcut tweaks
12:00 Easy to add elements
12:55 Softer new designs 
14:00 Are you adding more feminine designs to the portfolio?
16:15 Breakdance for agencies/freelancers
16:55 What are some cool features that Breakdance has specifically for agencies?
18:30 Awesome feature: element studio
22:35 Breakdance with Gutenberg?
25:10 The future of Breakdance. What do you see in Breakdance 2.0? Features to look out for? (great new features!) 
26:40 What’s planned even further in the future? (really exciting answer on this!) 
31:40 Outro: signing off
33:25 Finish: Please like and subscribe

Videos and links mentioned in the video

Introducing Element Studio

Saving Elements In A Plugin

Elements Hive

Also, some courses

Learn (pretty much) EVERYTHING you need to use breakdance at a professional agency level (5 course bundle)

Learn to use Breakdance for agency work

Learn to make client safe WP websites with no code (using Breakdance)

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